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Invisible Forces

OK, so I've been thinking about the whole world of energy, subtle and dense, in particular to what is going on in our world roght now. We tend to perceive reality within very limited parametres, seeing most of it as solid. However, beyond this limiting perspective there's a finer web of energy at work and only now being validated through advances in Quantum physics which looks at the behavior of energy at the molecular, atomic, nuclear levels and the infinite possibilities and perspective it creates. 

Our beings are largely made of electromagnetic energy so we are fundamentally a powerful magnetic.Nerve impulses are electrical energy signals; and, they creates energy-fields around the body and electro-magnetic energy waves that can travel away from the body.Human electricity energy is generated by chemical processes in nerve cells. Billions of nerve impulses travel throughout the human brain and nervous system. A nerve impulse is a wave of electrical activity that passes from one end of nerve cell to another. Today’s world is highly charged not just physically and materially, but also energetically. The  proliferation of technology such as ipads computers,mobiles and televisions (now avaiable 24/7)  all emanate magnetic fields, albeit not visible to the naked eye they effect our on EMF integrity. It's amazing that we accept this concept as plausible yet the acceptance of subtle energy demands a leap of faith!

All energy is a collection vibrations ranging in frequency from dense to high and eachforce that exists has a unique frequency which vibrates at it's own speed. For example a rose essential oil vibrates at the highest frequency of 320Hz the lowest being 52Hz. The densest is the physical world that surrounds us appearing to be solid. Because the accompanying molecules vibrate slower they're perceived as solid, the faster the vibration the less visible they are (think sound and lightwaves) As a whole we have created an understanding of the world which is tangeble and it is only as science begins to discover the more subtle nauances we find the scientific and the metaphysical world almost in agreement at some levels.

The natural and cosmic world is reflected within our bodies, from the densest - the mineral kingdom in our bones (physical body), the plant in our cellular system(emotional body) and the animal in our nervous system (mental body). It’s so clever, as we move up the scale it increases in subtlty move beyond the confines of our physical being and we start to have a conversation with the universe. If we start to accept this possibility we then also have to accept that we have infinite choice of how we choose to live our lives,our story isn't written and neither is the worlds.
 Thoughts are equally influenced by this law and we have a choice of what we connect to. Negative thoughts of blame, anger and separation have a dense and volatile energy, they create a frequency that often attracts negative situations and emotions magnetically (the law of attraction). As I look at the world community I see this separation, helplessness and blame as major themes. If this is what we can create through our densest energetic thought forms the polar opposite must be possible too? We must also have the capacity to raise our thoughts in equal measure? This could begin to create an immensely different reality, filled with positivity,love, acceptance and community. 

At the root of many issues are scripts written and based on stored memories that colour our responses to situations as they arise. Familiarity breeds a strange comfort, a bit of the devil you know. As external powers seek to stir up mass energy.... remember you have choice. How you align to external events can either fan the fire or suffocate it. It's not a time for being stuck in old beliefs by releasing familiar reactions of anger. Instead of feeling impotent change your relation to your circumstances and release the struggle, let go of separtion collectively choose a life not dominated by a material aquisition but on friendship and sharing. These responses are often adrenally driven (survival beliefs) with fear at their root. I wonder if we could put as much energy into our own divinity and self belief, we might stop the power cycle of control over (food, our bodies, ageing) and stop looking for validation through it. Instead seeing ourselves as the embodiment of an infinite source, full of infinite possibilities yet to be dreamed……