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Illuminate your lifeby creating space and time to nurture and reset your over worked spirits and make them wonder-full. Shoo away the mundane and routine to create a wondrous and soulful spa for your body & soul.

Therapie’s selections help sprinkle Stardust - with an exclusive collection of Stress Less potions and salves to ease the most frazzled lives. There is something here for everyone.

Dear Friends, We reach out to you in this truly unique time, we hope you are all maintaining your inner and outer strength. We are still here working to support you in every way possible. Most of all as a beacon of hope in this time of uncetainty. Hope is our key message to help you transcend the fear and panic we can so easily slip into. Stress feeds on fear, it causes instability and inflmmation which supresses the efficiency of your immune system. So we are committed to helping you navigate your highs and lows. Our sevice continues within the constraints of the current lockdown, so please bear with us as we endevour to respond to your orders. Over the next few weeks Michelle will post some of her insights and self help tips on the blog, instagram and live feeds with simple fixes and reflections. In Love & Hope Team Therapie

What they say

  • "Michelle's THERAPIE Sleep Drops are my new 'go-to' for that extra bit of TLC. I love to massage a few drops into the soles of my feet while I float away on a sea of calm.

    Nicky Clinch

  • I swear I can even feel the incredible golden light vibrational energy working through my aura every time. Pure magic.”

    Nicky Clinch

  • THERAPIE Restore AURA Spray has become part of my toolkit to live my best life in this busy world. Before talks and events, I pull it out, get centred, feel refreshed and settle, ground, and restore my senses – and can then start from that moment afresh.

    It’s amazing.” Jasmine Hemsley

  • “I wanted to say the biggest thank you for the amazing products – I am obsessed with the SLUMBER Pillow Spray – it’s amazing!”

    Ella Mills

  • "Therapie Heal Me Kit - A natural miracle worker and the closest thing to a cure for colds."

    Imogen Edwards-Jones, Get The Gloss

  • "Another fantastic video review by Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup."

    Pixiwoo’s Body Talk

  • "Himalayan Detox Salts from renowned aromatherapist Michelle Roques O’Neil are boosted with powdered amethyst to rid the body of negative ions and help restore equilibrium to body and mind."

    Evening Standard

  • "Beautiful new creations are coming soon from top aromatherapist @Therapieroques & I can't stop smelling my samples"

    Nikki Taylor‏

  • "Our Therapie Roques Oneil range provides a natural capability, that helps you to tackle stress in its many manifestations, such as; fatigue, energy imbalance and electro-magnetic saturation! The perfect way to relax in your own home after a long day!"

    Health & Beauty Express

  • "Today @FinancialTimes How to spend it! A first class find for under £100"

    Financial Times

  • "I am blessed to be able to try many beautiful products from the natural world but very few become favourites that I go back to and that become a part of me. THERAPIE Restore Aura Spray has become part of my toolkit to live my best life in this busy world

    Jasmine Hemsley

  • "Like a session with a therapist and a Maldives holiday in one, this aromatherapy shower oil is a shot of joy

    Vogue - Alexia Inge

  • "I LOVE Therapie Roques Oneil. This line is wellness, not beauty."

    Jessica Richards

  • "I brought the THERAPIE Calm Balm with me on holiday and would rub it into certain points on both my daughters and my body. Behind the ears, across the brow and on the insides of my wrists. Products like this are very special.”

    Nicky Clinch