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Anoint or bathe in this healing superhero that offers adrenal and immune support, soothing inflammation and fortifying your body deep down. This healing blend is a first line of defence when you're exhausted and your immune resistance is low. 


A blend of balsams with citrus top notes accented with warm spicy herbal hints, to create an aromatic powerhouse that heals immune depletion caused through excessive workloads, adrenal deficiency and electromagnetic sensitivity.

Need State

Inflammation, aches and pains, feeling below par, congestion, flu-like symptoms, lowered immunity, weakness, over-sensitivity, muscle pain and sensitivity


Coconut oil moisturising, thistle seed oil circulation boosting, lemon myrtles oil supports the immune and respiratory systems, ravensara oil antibacterial and antiviral, pine oil reduces phlegm and inflammation, eucalyptus oil a powerful expectorant, eucalyptus radiata oil powerful decongestant and antiviral, fragonia oil emotionally balancing and dries mucus while soothing, frankincense oil releases lungs and supports vulnerability, ginger oil warming and strengthening, black pepper internally warming and increases circulation, naiouli oil clears sinus congestion and soothes muscular tension and fatigue, thyme oil speeds recovery, immune boosting and thins mucus, peppermint oil cools body and reduces fever, lavender oil deeply soothing and gently stimulates circulation, releases tension and relieves aching muscles, tangerine oil fortifying (rich in vitamin C). Blessings supercharged with reiki and love.


Cocos nucifera, simmondsia chinensis, rosemarinus officinali extract, backhousia citriodora leaf oil, cinnamonum camphora bark oil, pinus sylvestre leaf oil, citrus reticulata peel oil, eucalyptus radiata leaf oil, melaleuca leucadendron leaf oil, adonis fragrans leaf oil, melaleuca quinquinervia, lavandula augustofolia flower oil, rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil, thymus vulgaris ct linalool flower oil, zingiber officionale root oil, piper nigrum fruit oil, mentha avensis leaf oil, boswellia carterii gum oil


Citral, linalool

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