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THERAPIE's daily wellness range helps you stay In-tune all day long. This blend utilises the powerful antiseptic and antiviral properties of essential oils to boost fragile immune systems. Use it as a first line of defence when dealing with city bugs,colds and flu. It also offers amazing support when you’re feeling tired,fragile and overextended fortifying you from within whilst clearing blocked airways. 



To create a powerful synergy that bolsters and boost your inner vitality and immune system.

Tuned In

Physical - Strong, vital, internally fortified, boosted immune function, reduced inflammation.
Emotional - emotionally stable, internally balanced, secure, protected.
Spiritual - Clears negative energy, seals and protects the aura.

Tuned Out

Physical - Burnt out, Fatigue, susceptible to bugs, low immune defines, tired, achey, joint inflammation, respiratory weakness. lower backache issues.
Emotional - fragile & vulnerable, too open, sadness, grief, lack of self expression.
Spiritual - Too sensitive and psychically open.

Key Ingredients

Lemon Myrtle - packed with anti-fatigue antioxidants, anti-bactericidal,antimicrobial and anti-fungal is highly immune boosting.
Cajeput - Brilliant multi-tasker helps with painful joints, relieves respiratory congestion, helps to remove excess heat from the body helping to reduce fevers, and has a natural analgesic effect on pain. Can assist with pain management during periods.
Thistle oil - Improves circulation, offers support  if ill or debilitated with illness.


This oil can be used directly on the body or in a bath for maximum benefit always shower before applying whether for a bath or shower, take a few drops and burst the aroma molecules inhaling deeply 3 to 4 times to clear the airways. Massage directly into the feet as part of your ritual whilst ill this will absorb the healing oils deep into your body. Make a shower or bath a powerful moment of stillness to reconnect with self.


Cocos Nucifera, Simmondsia Chinenses, Rosemarinus Officinali extract, Backhousia Citriodora leaf oil Cinnamonum Camphora bark oil, Pinus Sylvestre leaf oil, Citrus Reticulata peel oil, Eucalyptus Radiata leaf oil, Melaleuca Leucadendron leaf oil, Adonis Fragrans lead oil, Melaleuca Augustofolia flow oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis leaf oil, thymus Culgaris Ct Linalool flower oil, Zingiber Officionale root oil, Piper Nigrum fruit oil, Mentha Avensesis leaf oil, Boswellia Carterii Gum oil.


Citral, Linalool


Not safe during pregnancy

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