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Keep Cool Kit


As summer sun radiates it’s magical energy, spirits are lifted boosting your serotonin levels. Temperatures soar, it feels wonderful to bake in its warmth, soaking up it’s goodness. However, our bodies do need time to adjust and you may find you suffer silently. Hydration is essential to our body maintenance; the human body is 65% water, so keeping your fluids balanced is essential. 


Summer sun also means humid nights and poor sleep; your body loses these precious minerals as you try to sleep, sweating as you toss and turn in tangled sheets. You could try sleeping downstairs as heat rises, keeping curtains drawn during the day can keep your bedroom cool, you could also chill your cotton sheets in the fridge for an hour before sleep. 

Essential oils like Lavender, Grapefruit and Geranium can help with fluid retention, elimination and circulation, whilst peppermint will quell over heated systems, heat can often cause swelling and blockage in the body. I’ve put together the perfect summer ritual to keep you balanced, hydrated and your skin protected. As with all our mini rituals we make it accessible with a simple written regime you can follow.

Included in the Bag

Cherish skin repair 30ml to sooth and replenish your skin

Restore Aura spray 30ml to cool and calm

Equilibrium Bath & Shower 30ml to relax and rebalance

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