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THERAPIE's award-winning hero is a digital detox available in a large refill pouch. Hectic adrenally charged lifestyles can be stressful, insomnia and anxiety are all too familiar. Digital devices are a staple and the emf's emitted can play havoc with your energy balance. These salts have been created to help with acute stress and to balance digital saturation helping you to sleep. Even when your mind's running, they will lull you into a deep blissful sleep.



A soulful base of soft earthy base accented with dry piney notes of the deep forest freshness with a touch of fresh balsam and green floral notes enveloped in a vibrant exotic citrus top. Inspired by the bathing as a ritual of soulful cleansing and transistion in many cultures to relieve the stresses of a day. water + heat + Himalayan alchemy = detox - break the cycle.

Need State

Congestion, emf toxicity, insomnia, anxiety, over-thinking, inflammation, aches & pains


Himalayan salts has over 80 different minerals and have potent healing capabilities, amethyst powder cleanses negative energy and promotes cellular renewal, rose geranium improves the circulation and helps improve flow, rosewood refreshes and restores hope and courage when feeling a little lost, patchouli is a sedative and antidepressant, English lavender cleanses and balances the urinary system, juniper berry is purifying and comforting, lemongrass helps release blocked energy, grapefruit is a toning diuretic astringent that helps to shift physical and emotional congestion and create a better flow. Blessings supercharged with reiki and love.


Himalayan salts, pelargonium x asperum, aniba rosaeaodora, pogostemon cablin, lavendula augustifolia, juniperus communis, cympopogon citrates, citrus paradisii, powdered amethyst


Linalool, d-limonene, geraniol, citronellalol


Not safe for use during pregnancy.

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