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TLC for 40- something dry ageing skin


Michelle has poured all of that magic and wisdom into her very beautiful, dark glass-packaged collection, which spans everything from a Restore Aura Spray through to Protect Bath & Body Oil, which is brilliant for this colds-and-flu time of year.
The great thing about Michelle (well, one of them) is that she doesn’t hold back on the essential oils. These aren’t wifty-wafty products; they pack a true aromatherapeutic punch. So, from the new Inner Light Rescue Essentials range, Calm Balm features lavender, frankincense, sandalwood, orange, marjoram and vetiver (frankly nice enough to wear as a perfume). You massage it into pulse-points and it’s great behind the ears and back of the neck, and a dab or two on the chest, where it can waft upwards.
It’s designed, as she puts it, ‘to calm frayed nerves into gentle submission, cocooned in a fragrant aroma of serenity.’ We happened to be carrying ours around in the run-up to Christmas, when it really delivered on its promises. But it’s set to become a year-round handbag staple, in these stressed-out, can-life-get-any-weirder? times.

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