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Quotes from some of our Angels


“When I came out, all of me felt different – lighter, more
grounded, peaceful and I felt I could cope with all of it, partly by
not doing anything. A month later, one of my closest friends was in
a similar sort of meltdown. I suggested she go to Michelle for a
treatment too, and she too was blown away.
The value of what she gives is extraordinary.”
Sarah Stacey, The Beauty Bible

“I am obsessed with the Therapie Roques
ONeil Slumber Pillow Spray, £29, it’s amazing!”
Ella Mills

“Therapie Roques ONeil Restore Aura
Spray, £32, has become part of my toolkit
to live my best, if very busy, life. Before
talks, events, I pull it out, get centred, feel
refreshed and settle, ground, restore me
and start from that moment afresh.”
Jasmine Hemsley

Michelle Roques O’Neil is an aromatherapist, spiritual life coach and healer, and has been voted one of the top
ten aromatherapists in the world, by British Vogue. She has been practising for over 30 years, having started her
career with four years of dedicated study under the 'godmother of Aromatherapy’, Micheline Arcier. She bridges
the gap between modern reality and spiritual alchemy – providing counsel and spiritual coaching, alongside
creating treatments, products and experiences that foster resilience and fortitude, that heal and support, and that
enable us to better cope with the maelstrom of modern life. A modern day alchemist, she believes in the
interconnectedness of all things, and the power we each hold within us, to self-heal and transcend.