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The Culture Trip -Michelle Roques-O’Neil: London’s Modern-Day Alchemist

Tor Cardona 04.02.2019

Michelle Roques-O’Neil is a pioneer in the wellness world, specialising in energy healing through the power of aromatherapy. A session with her combines acupuncture, reiki, crystals and intuitive touch to restore emotional wellbeing to even the most stressed-out of souls.

Leading the self-care wave in London is resident alchemist Michelle Roques-O’Neil, one of the capital’s best-kept wellbeing secrets. Her healing hands, and reputation, have had clients queueing at her Westbourne Grove door for over 30 years. Her breadth of skills means she defies categorisation; she’s been described at once as a healer, reiki master, aromatherapist, spiritual life coach and alchemist, but Roques-O’Neil’s therapies have never been more pertinent to a generation running on cortisol, caffeine and constant screen time.

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