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A life lived well

As 2018 ebbs towards its final conclusion….. I hear many breathe a sigh of relief to see the back this “Annus horibilis”, certainly a year that made one dig deeper than ever before. The bemusing turmoil of the world provokes and cajoles deeper thoughts and convictions …even from the previously pliable following the path of least resistance. 

For much of 2018 I’ve focused on finding myself,  (a little lost in the busyness of life) reflecting on my journey, the major transitions and learning to feel comfortable in my own skin again, like many against a myriad of challenges. I feel purged, like an empty vessel I await the infilling of my vital essence; keeping life simple feels right, making space for the essence to flow in 2019.

It feels like many… I spend a lot of time preoccupied by doubt, inner judgement and angst based around regret. It is so often easier to get overwhelmed … Winter is a time of deep replenishment and dreaming….just making time to be still and receptive. At this crucial gateway tiredness can overwhelm and introspection becomes negative, delving into past hurts we cannot change and very soon we find ourselves paralysed in a cycle of fear, doubt and worries.

Perhaps this New Year could be embraced more gently … before making resolutions find comfort in just being, allowing time for life to unfold and your busy mind expand into nothingness. The easiest ways to do this is by introducing simple repetitive rituals that nourish and feed.

A few minutes of deep breathing, daily pages to clear emotional clutter, a regular walk, why not read something inspiring each day, a passage or a poignant few lines, perhaps reflect on them whilst walking. Find sometime for gentle meditation and at night 3 things to be grateful for. Some conscious time away from digital devices is essential. Eating the right food for this time of year, at regular time shared collectively around a table, these simple commitments create rhythms and restoration. We create room to muse, heal and reconnect with our inner grain.

Light blessings & Happy New Year!