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An inner radiance an outer glow

Skin is an amazing protective veil, its the largest organ in the body, stretched out it measure’s an amazing 2 square meter’s! Super sensitive It's our biggest sensory organ and receptive to every impulse. Stress, diet, hormones, weather and pollution can play havoc mentally and physically making mind and body dull and devitalised.

Body scrubbing is an ancient health and beauty ritual. Why you might ask?  Because the skin is purifying and protective and in oriental medicine related to the lungs and large intestine both important for cleansing and detoxifying, it breathes and in doing so, exchanges nutrients and waste. keeping it clean is a priority and on a deep cellular level for rejuvenation.

Around the world the significance of skin conditioning has always been part of a symbolic shedding,spiritual cleansing and conditioning. Seasonal changes can be a great time slough of the old and prepare the new.  It boosts circulation, oxygenates the blood and prepares your skin so that your outer glow matches your inner.

Our lives are in a constant state of self-renewal and repair, nothing stays still, when we ignore this natural ebb and flow, both body and mind can be prone to mental and physical sluggishness, this build up blocks our natural flow. Our thoughts like dead skin cells can get dulled and devitalised, inhibiting the path of vital new cells; in the same way that stress and anxiety can block a sense of joy, new ideas and inspiration.

To this end I wanted to create something new that honours this shedding process with a salute to the ancients and global traditions that have been a source of inspiration Awaken skin rehab is a unique dry powder scrub with ingredients that echo both the ancient and the  traditions from which they come. It works to cleanse,dissolve and revive body and spirit  sloughing away dead layers symbolically and physically. Whilst smoothing the skin and boosting circulation leaving your skin smooth, condition and receptive.