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Hello to THERAPIE 2016


I cannot tell you how exciting it is to connect with you all again and on this our beautiful new site! It’s a very new look and hopefully you like it? Certainly it contains a lot of helpful tips on both life and our products. I Passionately want the site to be an inspirational resource that helps you navigate the ever swifter currents of life.

In this blog I will share my journey with you, my passions and spiritual outlook and my daily lifesavers for keeping body & soul on track. I understand we all have dark passages in life and even the most optimistic soul can hit a wall. From my perspective everything happens for a reason, how you respond is the difference between salvation and despair.

Working with essential oils was the catalyst for me and it’s been a lifelong passion. My interest in alchemy and the culture of scenting infused into my work - I believe so strongly in the vitality and healing alchemy of plants and have been creating blends for over 20 years to reflect this. I really want to share this magical potential online and in person.V’logs seem a great launch pad and hopefully some insights into my aromatic odyssey and some practical support that helps you breathe your way back to a sense of balance and joy!

As an Aromatherapist with over 30 years of experience I’ve always been a seeker, certainly I’ve had many adventures exploring the many layers of life. I’ve trained with Shamans,Medicine men,Qi gong masters and spiritual teachers, trying to make sense of the intangible, trying to give substance to the oblique and esoteric, hopefully making it relevant to the balance and flow of life.

In a world that seems to be in greater turmoil than ever; hatred and intolerance growing, challenges arising daily… each day a cacophony of thoughts and demands, space and pacing seem hard to find and over consumption a common truth… there is no sense of spa-cious-ness… Time has quickened and life’s compacted, learning how to create space between the IN and OUT breath, essential.

The Dalai Lama once said that before there could ever be peace in the world there has to be peace in your own heart, unresolved anger or hurt is a mini war that’s raging within - freedom only comes with greater compassion and self love. I use to hate it when my teacher would say, “Your greatest challenge is your greatest teacher” I know it’s hard to palette. Believe me I know how hard it is to resolve injustice. Many times my creative generosity has been betrayed and forgiveness hard to find.  My lesson - to acknowledge and value my worth - on reflection I was complicit because I didn’t.  However, karma can bite back when you least expect it - So let it go.