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Michelle Roques-O'Neil

Pure Alchemist

Michelle's Blog

As a soul with experience of navigating the currents of life, sometimes tricky and challenging, often astonishingly beautiful and poignant. I’ve worked as a perfume alchemist, aromatherapist and healer for 30 years. It has been a journey of discovery that I hope has encouraged my clients towards happy hearts, inner courage and fulfilled potential.

My journey has been rich and my passions diverse. My spiritual curiosity is still all consuming, it's led me to work with healers, medicine men and qi gong masters. My love of the earth and its rich palette of materials has given me as a playground that enriches my life daily as a human learning to BE. My love of essential oils and spiritual alchemy has allowed me to spend time doing what I adore, helping me to understand life's complexity and simplicity. These musings I hope will engage, sometimes be challenging, but most of all inspire and peak your curiosity.